Progressing on All Fronts

John’s first trip this year was filled with the unexpected. Because of a visa issue, John was sidelined in Singapore waiting to enter Vietnam for several days. Normally John would be an anxious angry mess but during all the waiting God’s peace was quite evident. First, John mobilized prayer for the situation and the visa. We thank you for your prayers during that time. Second, we tried everything. John went to the Vietnam Embassy in Singapore who then sent him to a licensed agent but to no avail. John had just applied too late for the visa, and he was sidelined. We were thankful that the visa eventually came but it was too late to participate with the team in Vietnam. Third, we switched to Plan B. It was not what planned but John used the time wisely. Just a few weeks before John had mentioned to Elaine his need of a personal retreat to be with God and do some long-range planning. Well that is just what he got, but in Singapore. John was not happy to be sidelined but was glad he could use the time completing the planning retreat.

Collaborate to Saturate

Last month John was in Indonesia for a major global conference. Coming together were four major global networks like Global Church Planting Network (GCPN), Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX), Lausanne Church Planting, and Vision 5:9. There were 250 participants from 66 countries which included people from every region on earth. Our Asia Impact Team had three participants that focused on East Asia (Japan, Mongolia, China), South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Philippines), and Central Asia.

The key part of the Summit was for the leaders in each country or regional groups meet daily to discuss partnering and collaboration for more churches and gospel impact. Each region and several nations reported to the conference their goals to meet together and plan strategies to saturate their countries with churches. See below on the AITs direct work to see these plans fulfilled with Vietnam and Japan.  

Our AIT prayer goal for this conference was to make new and deeper connections by networking with key leaders throughout Asia. We are already connecting with leaders from various countries that we sense an opportunity to come alongside to equip them for movements among Unreached People Groups (UPGs). Continue to pray for development of impact in the future.

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