Church Multiplication

Over the next few weeks we are not really sure what to expect because God is doing so many things to further a national Church Multiplication vision. Last week John was with a network mobilizing to reach the key cities of Japan. That was one of several key events going on so please join us in this journey. Monday 10/26 – I am riding the bullet train heading to Ikoma Nara for the 2nd Church …

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Pray in November

November is full of great events. Pray for our health, our hearts, and our hands as we minister in many ways. Rengo 50th Anniversary Nov 2-3 CPI National Conference Nov 9-13. Also many visitors at our home. Japan Field Council (Converge Worldwide) Nov 26-27 at the Mehns house. Elaine has her Christmas Tea Outreach on November 30th and another event 12/7.

Young People & Missions

If you or someone you know is a student or young person interested in missions, we highly recommend the Urbana Conference, Dec 27-31. Urbana was significant in our lives and continues to challenge the current generation. Join us in prayer for God to bless this key event.

Outward Conference

We are very excited about the 2015 Church Planting Institute (CPI) National Conference November 9-13. The theme is OUTWARD and we’re looking at celebrating God and his mission to the world. In mid-September we had such a rush of new applications for the conference that it now looks like the conference will be one of its biggest in history! Currently over 360 adults and over 110 children are coming to this conference. People are coming …

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Breaking Ground

We were very delighted to have a new set of missionaries come last month. Rob and Chris Wright arrived and they are also joining another new missionary Ian Smith who arrived last year. However, it was sad to see Tom and Mary Lou Ellison retire in August after 30 years in Japan. Over 50 people showed up at the airport to bid them farewell. We were appointed with the Ellisons together in 1984 and now …

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Prayer for October

Pray for energy and health as Elaine struggles through fall allergies. Continue to pray for Lydia Troe’s ministry until Nov 26th. She is working in 3 churches and doing some admin work for CPI. Veteran retired missionaries Bob and Nancy Sorley will be visiting with us in Tokyo on October 15th. The second VISION FESTA will occur on Oct 26-27 in Ikoma Nara Prefecture. Ask God to raise up a new generation of Japanese visionary …

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