Prayer May & June

  1. John will be on a trip to Asia in early June to Japan and Bangkok Thailand. In Japan, he will meet several key mission leaders as they work on collaboration in church planting. Pray for these relationships and the future plans.
  2. In Thailand John and ministry partner Phu Pham, will conduct a planning summit with leaders from the Tangkhul denomination in India. They want to upgrade and improve their missions sending program. Pray that God would grant vision, faith, and bold goals for our future work together.
  3. Summer brings several changes: the grandkids are out of school, and we are off duty, Elaine’s Life Group at our church is deepening its relationships, and our AIT group is doing Gospel Movement training together. John and Elaine will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary in June. Summer also keeps activities going. Elaine’s Bible studies in Japanese continue. One on Acts and one on Foundations of the Faith. Pray that God will bless all of these areas of our lives.
  4. Elaine once again this summer is facilitating the adult Bible study before worship at our home church. This summer is 11 lessons on the Beatitudes.  
  5. John will take part in the 50th anniversary meetings of the Perspective on the World Christian Movement at Moody Church in Chicago in July. Other Converge workers will be going. He will also be enrolled in the instructors course designed for those teaching the materials.
  6. Ask God to bless the relationships as we will be visiting one of our supporting churches in Cincinnati in early August. We are also planning to visit Indiana and Kentucky with several ministry mentors and colleagues and Elaine’s sister.

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