Focus on Asia – March


John was to accompany a team going to two major cities in Vietnam and conduct Orientation Training for an 18-month plan for church planting training. The trainers were coming from the Philippines and John was just there to encourage, coach, and pray with the many leaders. In one city 3 key leaders of a large denomination came and were excited to go back and recommend to a larger group of hundreds of leaders to begin the process for this training in church multiplication. In the other major city, 28 leaders from over 5 different church networks were also thrilled about the training and set up several teams (translation, administration, etc.) to begin the training very soon. The trainers are trying to recruit someone to come and live in Vietnam to conduct the training over the next 2 years. Pray they would find a missionary leader to fill that role.

Along with AIT member, Phu Pham, 10 leaders came to Batam to take part in praying, dreaming, and planning for their country. As a result a whole new ministry called “Matthew 29″ was developed. This includes the church planting training, leadership development, evangelism, and the sending of Vietnamese missionaries over several years. Ask God to bless these plans and empower those leading these projects. 


At the Global Conference John joined three key leaders from Japan to consider saturating Japan with churches. We were continuing strategy discussions conducted in Japan last September. They decided at this Conference to organize a national roundtable this October to gather key leaders throughout Japan to discuss the pulse of the church in Japan and what can be done moving forward. Please pray for the team as they gather names to invite in April to the meeting in October. John also plans to be in attendance.

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