Prayer in January


  1. We had a wonderful Christmas as a family, with Beth’s family, and with John’s sisters and families. Busy but wonderful to be together after Covid difficulties.
  2. John’s surgery knee is going great. Last week he was seen running up the stairs to see who was at the door. The other knee had three rounds of gel injections and is performing great.
  3. Elaine is leading our local church Adult Sunday School class on Sunday January 15th on Jonah. She is also working on Adult Sunday School lessons for this coming summer on Esther.
  4. Thank you for praying for John’s trip to Wash D.C. last month to work with Pastor Phu on our Asia Impact Team strategy document. The meeting was amazing as we accomplished far more than we imagined. So far our other teammates are very appreciative of our work.
  5. John leaves for Japan and Thailand on January 18th for two weeks. Pray for clarity as we meet as an Asian Impact Team and finalize our 3-year strategy. Also we continue to mentor leaders, make contacts and connections with potential partners in Asia. Pray for Elaine while John is gone. There is another trip in February.
  6. Elaine and I are so glad that we have found a “home church” and that we have also by accident found a “small group” to be part of. We are part of a team of people working on shepherding the church which meets in our home! Before Elaine and John began dating, we were also part of a small group in our home church. We have really come “home.”
  7. Elaine has also been asked to speak a series of talks at a denominational women’s meeting in May. Pray for her preparation.

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