Asia in 2023

Life is full of great combinations! Peanut butter and jelly, a smile and a laugh, a warm fire and a good book. This year will bring the wonderful combination of more open travel after Covid and John’s expanding role in this new Asia Impact Team position. John may possibly be on 6 trips to Asia this year. This is after 0 international trips in 2020, 1 in 2021, and 2 in 2022.

This month John is just about to embark on the first trip of the year. The January trip will include dropping by Japan to see some church planters and pastors he coaches. Then off to Thailand for a big Converge Asian gathering. Then a side trip to see a key Asian leader in another unnamed country and then back home. Then John has two weeks to get ready for the next trip back to India in February. Please pray as being gone can sometimes be hard on Elaine. We always prepare as best we can, but it seems there are always things that needs attention.


In Thailand, John will be joining the majority of Asian workers for Converge in our first face-to-face Asia Summit. The purpose is to gather for more impact together in Asia. We will be joined by Ivan Veldhuizen director of Converge International Ministries and other key global leaders.

Thank you for praying for the development of our Asia Impact team strategy document. God has answered your prayers. For the coming year we have written dozens of expectations that God will do through us. One involves further connecting for partnerships in four countries in the next year. Many of the Asia Impact Team will be gathering in Thailand this month to review the entire strategy document and share it with other leaders. Ask God to stimulate all of us to believe, listen, and do much for his Kingdom this year and beyond.

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