Back To Japan

It was a bit weird. Last month John and Elaine had the privilege to visit Japan since we relocated to the US in 2020. The visit was marvelous, and it had not seemed so long since we had left. Clearly we were not used to the crowds and the pace of life in Tokyo. We did not return “home” but were visitors this time. We started off with meeting our supper club friends in Machida where we lived feasting on tempura and other delicacies. The next day we attended a new church plant near where the Tokyo Olympics took place and had a dinner with a pastoral friend and ministry partner.


Then we were off to the Church Planting Institute (CPI) Conference. We were both surprised that this conference was the second largest, only eclipsed by the last one we attended in 2019. God is raising the church planting temperature in Japan! John shared a seminar on church movements which was completely packed, and some said was their highlight of the conference. His knees held up well as he stood for the entire 90 minutes of presentation and question and answer. Elaine participated in the “Gospel Track” teaching one session.

Both John and Elaine got some mentoring opportunities as several leaders sought us out. Elaine and John were recognized along with some of CPI leaders and attenders of the first conference in 1994. During the conference we made a short video (<3:00) about our CPI experiences and here is the link.!AsDHC6rtDRfBh7JbUUzG8D0WX5RfUQ?e=qikWxN

For John the entire trip was a challenge with his recent knee surgery but there were no limitations on his travel or activities. Even though he brought a cane with him the trip was cane- free. We really want to thank you for your prayers. He returned home more mobile and confident in walking. Elaine stayed in Tokyo for a few days visiting friends, Bible study members, and attending our old home church: Crossroads. Then she flew back to Chicago a week before John.


John then returned to Japan for the Church Multiplication Vision Festa in the Kansai area. Here over 120 Japanese leaders met to hear about case studies in church multiplication. Momentum is building for planting of 50,000 churches in Japan. A new smartphone app was introduced which has all the Japan church located to mobilize others to finish the task of saturating Japan with churches. John met with career missionaries Jeff and Barb Chapman and also met with some key Japanese leaders. We are all looking forward to the Japan Congress on Evangelism in September 2023.

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