Pivoting Again?

We had dropped in to see the orthopedic doctor for my next visit. He showed us the results of the MRI. The MRI was decisive. The doctor commented that he was surprised John was walking at all and not in much more pain. We had only one option, replace the knee joint. We were thankful to God that the decision was clear. We scheduled surgery as soon as possible and anticipated weeks of physical therapy. 

Now the Dove chocolate wrapper I kept made a lot of sense, “When life is not going right, turn left.” So we examined everything in the schedule and planned out a new 2-to-4-month plan. We made several changes in my fall travel schedule. But the result of this pivot in direction means I can pivot on a better foot in just a matter of weeks.


Last month we headed east on a road trip to visit two churches: Calvary Baptist Church – Warren, Pennsylvania, and Anchor Church – Avon Lake, Ohio. Both visits exceeded our expectations. So many people want to bless others with the blessings of God.

I hope you had a chance to view our latest update video. Many have commented how much they enjoyed it. Here is a recent video to update your church.


  1. John is scheduled to have surgery to replace his left knee joint in mid September. Before the major surgery there is preparation in so many ways and getting physically ready. Pray for John’s preparation and for the surgical team for wisdom and skill.
  2. These are painful days as John must write letters and cancel his plans in October to Japan, the Lausanne Asia meeting, and Finish the Task (FTT) Global Leaders Meetings. John is also trying to locate other leaders who can attend in his place.
  3. John with his team has planned a trip to Asia for November. We are not sure yet whether John will be ready and allowed to go. Pray that John will not have to cancel and be cleared to go to Japan and Bangladesh in November.
  4. Now with more urgency John wants to complete his third book on “Japanese as an Unreached People.” The goal is the final draft ready for the proofreaders by September 14th so it will be completed on time for key fall meetings. Pray that will be a reality.

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