How Are We Fitting In?

Get ready for bumper cars! Experts told us that after living in Japan for 35 years our transition back to the US from would not be easy and take at least 3 years for the adjustments. Imagine riding a bumper car ride for 3 years? 

Recently we concluded that we probably do not fit in everywhere. But gladly we are realizing that we do fit in the important places: like Converge – our ministry family, the Asia Impact Team – our current role, our Park Hills home church, our village of Pecatonica of 2,000 people, and our family now back together. And most of all we fit into God’s family, no matter what culture. Yes, we ride cultural bumper cars most days, but we are glad we are fitting in more and more. Thanks to you for praying and encouraging us. Oh bumper cars are so fun!

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