Following HIM

Wow what a lot of changes since we last wrote. Last time we told you about John’s impending knee replacement surgery that upset our plans and schedule. This month brought clarity of where to follow God.

Weeks of Writing – John has been working several days each week completing his third book, “Japanese as an Unreached People.” He has lined up several knowledgeable proofreaders who will get the draft copy by Wednesday September 14th. Then the plan is to finalize the book by the end of October. Then it will be ready to accompany John and Elaine to Japan.

Weeks of “Torture and Hate” – John is having full knee replacement surgery on September 15th. John’s surgeon promised that I would hate him for two weeks after the surgery. The surgeon is a nice guy and generally John does not hold grudges. John has six weeks of physical therapy to adjust to his new knee.

Month of Disappointments – We shared last time that due to the knee surgery and recovery that John’s plans to be at the Lausanne Asia 2022 meeting and participate in the Finish the Task (FTT) Global Consultation had to be cancelled. Those were painful days writing letters. But thanks to God, John found others who could go in his place and continue the ministry connections.

Month of Seeing Friends – The surgeon has already approved John’s travel to Japan in November. Elaine is planning on going and leading a seminar at the CPI Conference. So we have already secured air tickets and a busy getting entry visas. The other day John overheard Elaine with her Bible Study ladies. Elaine was so excited to see them not on zoom but face-to-face for the first time in over two years.  


  1. John is on schedule to get the prepublication draft or his third book on “Japanese as an Unreached People” by Wednesday September 14th. Pray that will be ready to take to Japan in November.
  2. John’s scheduled knee surgery is Thursday September 15th, followed by 6 weeks of physical therapy.   
  3. Pray for those taking John’s place the Lausanne Asia meeting and Finish the Task (FTT) Global Leaders Meetings in October.
  4. Begin praying for John and Elaine’s trip to Japan in November. John will also spend one week in Bangladesh. May he be ready to travel and serve.

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