People Business

“Please pray for me. At this missionary training seminar I am attending, I was just asked to speak on leadership development. I am on in just a few hours. Pray as I prepare a new presentation.” I called Elaine to pray. With short notice there was just no time to ask anyone else. She picked up the phone and said she was having her Bible study. Of course, I forgot it was Thursday. Elaine said she would pray and ask the Bible study to pray as well. This was a great opportunity for me to share lessons from successful Japanese leaders.

Elaine explained to her Bible study why I interrupted and why it was important to pray for me on the other side of Tokyo. Most of her Bible study members are pre-Christian, but they prayed anyway. Elaine said it was a good example for them about the need to intercede for others.

At the training the next day several people shared how encouraged they were because of my presentation. Some said the presentations were very helpful. I would love to take the credit but I knew that it was only God and the prayers of others. God connected the training event and the Bible study through prayer. We are in the people business.

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