1. We appreciate your prayers for the people we are spiritually mentoring. This month we begin mentoring and coaching another couple.
2. July 6th we are planning an outreach barbecue party with Elaine’s Bible study and the Agape Kai. We expect about 13 people for this event.
3. July 9th John will be meeting with the Nagoya CPI church planting network on.
4. On July 17th we leave for the US to visit supporters, friends, family, and do some personal business. Maybe we will meet some of you.
• On July 20th we will be presenting at Elk Grove Baptist Church http://www.myegbc.com/.
• July 27th we will be presenting at Temple Baptist Church http://www.tbcrockford.com/
5. A group of Japan leaders planning a national strategy for church planting will be having a key planning meeting on July 24th. CPI will be represented but without John there.

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