August Prayer Highlights

1. John had a great time visiting the Nagoya CPI church planting network on 7/9. One church brought their new logo, vision, and values statement. The group will continue meeting regularly.
2. Thank you for your prayers for our trip to the US to visit supporters, friends, family, and do some personal business. We had a great time visiting both Elk Grove Baptist Church and Temple Baptist Church in Rockford, IL. You can hear or download both of us sharing the message “Click Send” at
3. The July 24th meeting of a group of Japan leaders planning a national strategy for church planting went very well. Continue to pray as we look forward to an October larger meeting.

1. The heat and humidity in August is quite oppressive. Pray for stamina through this hot period.
2. We are enjoying spiritually mentoring two couples and 2 individuals. Continue to pray that all of us may grow in grace.
3. John will be meeting with another mission agency considering working on some key CPI projects to help even more church planters. Ask God to bless this growing partnership.
4. Our new career missionary Ian Smith arrives in Japan on 8/26. He will be with us for orientation and we will help him get settled in and get off to a good start in his Japanese language studies. Pray for his smooth transition to Japan.
5. Mas Kobayashi, a repeat short-term worker, arrives 8/29 and will be staying with us on and off for 6 weeks. Ask God to equip him to meet the needs in many Japanese churches. Pray for more workers.
6. CPI has endorsed Soma Seminar on “Missional Communities” on September 4, 5. Pray for registration and preparations.

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