Japan Surprises Foreigners 3

Japan is quiet and exotic and unusual place for foreigners. For the last several weeks we have been looking at some examples of things that surprise foreigners. The first week’s list at: http://www.gospelrest.com/japan-surprises-foreigners/

  1. Japanese people really like Yahoo!
  2. GPS is automatically included in rental cars
  3. You can leave a bag to save your seat and no one will steal it
  4. A small-size drink is actually quite small
  5. There are power lines all over the place
  6. People politely line up to wait for the train
  7. Heated toilet seats
  8. The high price of movie tickets almost $20.
  9. The skill used in wrapping gifts and other purchases
  10. The multi-storied parking garages

Another 10 more next week:

From http://www.japantoday.com/category/lifestyle/view/46-things-that-surprise-foreigners-in-japan

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