Assisting Church Planters

Because of my role with Japan Church Planting Institute, my UTube videos, my website, and other ways people contact me when they are interested in planting churches in Japan. These are all people I have never met, nor are their part of our Converge Worldwide network. God is calling people to work in Japan; it is amazing considering all the ways he does this. For the past two weeks I have been receiving an unusual number of requests for help. I am grateful I can save them some time and struggle.

These are the churches over the last two weeks: One prominent church (you all would know them if I mentioned their name) wants to use a team to plant a church in Tokyo. One major regional conference is collecting information for churches wanting to send teams to Japan to help in relief and church planting ministry. One couple from Singapore, he a Frenchman and she a Japanese want to go work planting churches in Japan. Another experienced couple who planted in two other countries wants to come to Tokyo to plant a church. There is one person being sent by their home church to come assist the Kingdom work in Japan.

I see my role is advising, helping them network with others, connect them to resources and people, and resource them with good information, training opportunities and materials. This is all being done while I continue to wait to return to Japan myself. God is very cool! Please pray for the many others also sensing God’s leading to Japan, that I, CPI and others may be able to assist them be successful.

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