Global Summit

We are global people and connected to people everywhere it seems. Every day in our home seems international or at least cross-cultural. The work we do touches many people throughout Asia. Sometimes John talks about a particular day being “India day”, “Japan day,” and the like. Our days take us via online meetings, emails, and other communication all day long to places like Mongolia, Korea, and even Central Asia (the -stans countries). This month John is back on planes for the start of another year of adventure in Asia. 


John along with AIT members Phu Pham and Mark Boggess will be attending the Saturation Church Planting Global Summit in Batam Indonesia. At the end of the month, 250 will be attending from 60 different countries. The summit is jointly sponsored by four global networks: the Lausanne Movement, Vision 5:9, Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX), and Global Church Planting Network (GCPN). John has been involved with GCPN for over 10 years, mainly in East Asia.

Our AIT prayer goal is to make new and deeper Asian connections by networking with key leaders in Asia, especially leaders from Mongolia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Also three key Japanese leaders were invited by John to continue their strategy discussions conducted in Japan last September. At this Global Summit, we hope to line up meetings later in 2024 in several of these key leaders countries.

The key part of the Global Summit is meeting in country and regional groups each day and discussing partnering and collaboration for more churches and gospel impact. All participants will work through the same process and report to the entire Summit our specific plans for working together after the Summit. We expect many “God things” to come from these meetings.


  1. PTL God has answered many prayers for participant visas. 20 more leaders are still waiting for their visas.
  2. Indonesian national elections take place on February 14, 2024, less than two weeks before the Summit. Pray for a peaceful campaign, election, and transfer of power with no political unrest.
  3. Pray for financial provision for all participants and for the local Indonesian committee arranging the Summit.
  4. Pray that as a result of this summit, there will be greater unity and collaboration, as we work together towards the goal of seeing every nation on earth saturated with churches.

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