Prayer for February

  1. PTL Thanks for praying for the earthquake/tsunami in Ishikawa Japan. Power has been restored, less than 20,000 are now in shelters, and Christians have been extremely active in providing relief, listening, and hope.
  2. Pray for Elaine (and Tim) who remain in Illinois when John goes on trips. Often there are crises of things breaking or confusing communication. Also the weather can be unpredictable with possible blizzards, ice storms, and power outages.
  3. Ask God for wisdom and insight for our ongoing coaching, mentoring, teaching, and training in person and online. John has just started coaching another church planting leader in India. We are anticipating more mentoring out of Japan this year.
  4. PTL John’s new boss, Chaz Nicholls, and Carl Lahr had a very effective tour to visit all the Asian fields for Converge last month.
  5. Our AIT has begun Gospel Movement Training offered by Converge. Pray that we can integrate new lessons along with what we have already learned.
  6. Ask God for strength and wisdom as Elaine continues her writing adult Bible lessons on the Beatitudes and leads our local church Tuesday night Life Group.

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