December Prayer

  1. PRAISE God for the great trip to see all our friends at Fox River Baptist in Appleton last month. We enjoyed sharing updates from our lives and ministries.
  2. PRAISE God for the over 120 people that took part in the 2021 Church Multiplication Vision Festa online 11/27. So many great stories of church reproduction, training in disciplemaking, and new initiatives for growing the church in Japan. Pray that next year there will be an face-to-face meeting.
  3. PRAISE The CPI Grace Weekend Online Japanese renewal program ended last month impacting over 40 participants. Ask God in prayer for wisdom as we enter the stage of mentoring participants.
  4. PRAY For God’s help for John as he has to continue to pinch-hit a lot for the Converge Cohort on Perspectives on the World Christian Movement through the end of the year.
  5. PRAISE for the representatives from five mission agencies that recently visited Japan’s neglected Fukushima to meet with local leaders there. It seems some new initiatives are developing.
  6. PRAISE Elaine’s Bible Studies and cooking class are going well.
  7. PRAY for those sharing Jesus with Japanese at this time of the year. Normally there is peak interest and pray that many will understanding the true meaning of Christmas: the Savior for the World!

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