So Better than Retirement

“John, you cannot retire”, I was advised by several people that I admire. They saw my role in ministry in Japan and beyond as being too crucial to just abruptly stop. My family also knew that I could not just stop working and tinker with my hobbies. So we prayed and God led John to this new ministry of continuing many of our connections and John joining the Converge’s Asia Impact Team to broaden the scope to all of Asia. Little did we know that this change of location, pace, scope, and role would already bear so much fruit in the midst of the pandemic. Both of us are mentoring more people, connected with more networks than ever, and have widening opportunities in the months and years ahead. Thanks for all who encouraged us to not retire but find another significant chapter in our lives.  The transition from a residential missionary in Japan to a non-residential missionary for multiple countries and people groups is taking some adjusting. But we love what we do for the Kingdom.


In mid-October in Portland OR our Asia Impact Team had a strategy summit. Wow, what a time talking about vision to reach Asia, practical planning for our next steps, meeting some key people working in India, and learning together about being non-resident missionaries and movement catalysts. Pray as we interact with the India connections this next weeks and work on our ministry toolkit to take to Asia. More as this develops. Thanks for your prayers as it looks like we will be announcing another member of our Asian Impact Team very soon.

One highlight for John is when the team presented their vision to a group at a local church. One church member responded, “It’s really thrilling to hear about this. It sounds so much like the Bible open, and this is Acts.” We really hope God will align our hearts and our hands to further Gospel Movements among Unreached People Groups.

Asia Impact Team in Oregon: Phu Pham, Steve, John, Larry, and Mark


We thank God John’s financial support is very strong. But the Converge office has made some changes and hopefully your financial gifts are still arriving smoothly. The Converge office updated the website related to giving. All ministry partners who give by mailing a check (or use bank autopay) will need to update the address to which payments are sent. Checks will be sent directly to the bank for processing. The new address is: Converge, PO Box 772802, Detroit, MI 48277-2802. Let us know if you need assistance.


PRAISE Elaine’s Bible Study will have a new student an increase as the online impact expands.

PRAISE Elaine’s Japanese cooking class is going very well. Yum!

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