A Glorious Global Christmas

We are not yet used to Thanksgiving or Christmas traditions in the US. But we are anxious to set new traditions during this transition to living back in the USofA.  The decorations are already up with lights soon to illumine our house on John St. in Pecatonica, Illinois. This Saturday the city has a Christmas parade that goes right by our house. Pray as we share this global Christ with our new friends in our local neighborhood.

John has been waiting to travel to Asia and did not expect to travel eastward to London but was invited to Global Church Planting Network (GCPN) global facilitators gathering. Last month John shared with a Korean partner about East Asia. Some highlights of the meeting were:

John in London with Boureima a tall friend from West Africa
  1. One key global leader described my report on Japan as “beautiful music.” God is blessing efforts to reach the 2nd largest unreached people group.
  2. A Central Asian Country has seen a decrease in government and police restrictions.
  3. 5 Global Networks for Church Planting continue to actively collaborate and partner.
  4. One church planting network in India lost 70 pastors to Covid, but they were able to still plant 500 churches! 


We thank God John’s financial support is very strong. We welcome many who want to underwrite this ministry. The Converge office has made some changes and hopefully your financial gifts are still arriving smoothly. The Converge office updated the website related to giving. All ministry partners who give by mailing a check (or use bank autopay) will need to update the address to which payments are sent. Checks will be sent directly to the bank for processing. The new address is: Converge, PO Box 772802, Detroit, MI 48277-2802. Let us know if you have questions or need any assistance.

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