Core Values

Ministry is vision directed but values driven. Vision is like the steering wheel, determining the direction. But our ministry values, what we believe strongly, passionately, and deeply, is the propulsion. Many ministries do not have much drive because they are not sure what is truly important to them and what is less important. Currently John has been mentoring several church planters who have been honing down their core value statements. The effect oozes out in their preaching and overall leadership. Their core values include developing lay people for ministry and reproducing workers that will grow and plant churches. One day two church planters shared with John the struggle they were having in their church with people with conflicting values. Another worker overheard one conversation and asked for help in that area. And John just completed walking an entire mission agency through discovering their core values for their new church planting network. At the CPI Conference this fall, John will lead a seminar on discovering your ministry core values. Continue to pray as we mentor and inspire leaders to be more focused for church planting and renewal. Along with church planting we both continue to mentor leaders in the core values of gospel-centered living and ministry.

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