Who Do You Think You Are?



Who Do You Think You Are?

Maybe you have watched the television show “Who Do You Think You Are?” It’s a show about genealogy and about your ancestors and where you came from. They follow famous people back to learn of their ancestors. They are all interesting stories.

In my family, my two grandfathers came from farming families in East Prussia and in Scotland. My one grandfather was a first generation American and other one a second-generation American. From those grandparents grew quite an interesting group of people with various occupations none which were related to farming.

From those two grandparents grew clan of many and for me to grandparents and uncles which were educators, physicians, scientists and ministers. Mainly they were professionals. I’m glad that my kids are following in those footsteps as well. We are not farmers but we sure love them. We know our roots (and where our food comes from).

Maybe later Elaine will blog about her family which includes 2 US presidents, a civil war hero, more professionals, and farmers too.


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