Towards the New Normal

Your February 2021 Update from John and Elaine.  

How are you doing? We both continue to be safe and healthy. Lots of snow here which we are actually enjoying. We went so many years without it and our grandkids love it with sledding and snowmobiling.

Again thank you for your prayers, generous giving, encouragement and your interest in our lives and ministries. We hear from many of you often on Facebook and email. We could not do it without you! 

Elaine and I just made a video update from our house on our lives and ministries. We hope many of you enjoy it and maybe use in your small groups and possibly worship services.


We were often told no one really retires from a lifetime career of ministry for Christ. As you know Elaine officially retired last November 1st so is no longer getting a salary but loves not having to fill out any more reports. The other day she listed up all the different ministries and responsibilities she had in Japan and fleshed out the ministries and responsibilities she has while based in the United States. When she compared the lists, she noticed that the list of ministries in the United States was much longer than the list from Japan. She’s very delighted to be retired and still very active in mentoring, teaching, coaching, writing, supporting and encouraging others.

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