March Prayer

  1. John is preparing for three roundtable discussions at the Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) online conference March 5-6. John’s discussion will focus on Japanese beliefs and evangelism.
  2. We both will be starting another round of spiritual renewal mentoring with a couple in Japan. Pray for us as we start a curriculum that is new to us.
  3. We both anticipate getting vaccinated against Covid this month. As an essential worker, Tim has already booked his appointment to receive his 1st vaccination.
  4. Remodeling our kitchens is in process and controlled chaos abounds. We have our stove and refrigerator in the living room, cabinets outside, and appliances all over the basement and Elaine’s office. But we are making progress. We hope “this adventure” will be done this month or at least by Easter.
  5. John again teaches a new round of classes teaching his church planting and Japanese beliefs at Reaching Japanese for Christ Academy beginning in April.  

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