Soaring Hawks

Soaring Hawks

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Elaine Mehn

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Today I saw two hawks swooping and soaring on the air currents. The hawks could very easily have ignored the currents and flown where they wanted to go, but they were allowing the air currents to guide their flight. They were so free and from my human perspective seemed to by having such fun. Just watching them made my own heart feel light and want to join them in their aerial play. Such a wonderful gift God has given them to be able to lift off from this earth and fly. For them it is absolutely natural but for us earth bound creatures it is amazing and wonderful.

When I think of God’s promise that we will soar like eagles, it is something that is beyond my understanding. Yes, I know that God is not talking about us physically taking flight the way an eagle does but rather He is talking about that lightness of spirit in which the burdens and cares of this world fall away and we are able to soar with the Spirit of God. Oh, what glories await those who will trust God to guide their ways into paths of faith filled living.

Spiritual soaring does not always come when things are smooth and easy in my life but often times, comes when I am willing to trust God during the really hard times of life. When my heart is breaking and tears are running down my face, God comes and takes me on a flight of faith that gives me comfort and peace in the midst of the sorrow and doubt. I can’t take credit for making this happen. I can’t even take credit for the faith it requires because I can’t produce it. But God freely gives what I need, when I need it.

Sadly I must confess that I don’t often experience this spiritual soaring. I don’t think I can blame God for not keeping His promises. I think the fault falls squarely on my shoulders for not being willing to let the Holy Spirit carry me away. Strangely I am both an emotional slob and a person who wants to emotionally stay in control. It is impossible to be carried away and still be in control. The times that I have experienced the soaring of the Holy Spirit have been times when God caught me unawares. I was surprised by both the emotions and the joy of knowing the love and freedom of Christ. I am so very thankful that God does choose to surprise me in this way and also saddened to realize that I have probably missed so much that God wanted to share with me because of my need to be in control.

Prayer: Father, please give me greater faith to give full control of my life to You. I realize that life is not just times of spiritual soaring but help me to look to You in both times of joy and times of sorrow, times that seem easy and times that are hard. Help me to trust You in times when I think I can handle life and times when I know I can’t. May You be glorified in my life.

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