September Prayer

John and Elaine at their “new” US home on John St. (yes, John St).

Fall and Mongolia


  1. The Big Switch is completed; thanks for your prayers and encouragements. This summer we moved with our son from our US home base in Rockford IL to Pecatonica IL, about 20 miles west (pic above). This home is very close to our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. We packed, remodeled, moved (on the hottest day of the year), remodeled, and put the Rockford house up for sale. Parts of this adventure were exhausting but God was good and provided a comfortable home for us and our son.
  2. We were on a mini-tour of 4 partnering churches in 3 states this summer. They were so encouraging about our partnerships which have lasted over 30 years.
  3. The Church Multiplication Vision Festa in July was again very inspiring. About 120 people came over the 2 days. Leader Yoshiya Hari is very encouraged as multiplying churches and networks are springing up here and there in Japan. God is working and working in his people.
  4. God has really been blessing the registrations for the upcoming Church Planting Institute (CPI) National Conference November 13-15. We wondered if we would have enough people. The number of participants has now exceeded last conference’s record numbers! We are so glad that we moved to a larger venue. Pray as we prepare for this historic 25th anniversary gathering.


  1. John is off to Mongolia Sep 23-28 for the Global Church Planting Network – East Asia Network training gathering. We will be focusing on Disciple Multiplying Movements as well as our national teams meeting for planning. John will present on Addition and Multiplication of churches. Pray for his preparation and attendance that he will be a great blessing to those coming from all over Asia.  
  2. Though we have had several visitors, but the Rockford house has yet to sell. Please continue to pray that is sells quickly.
  3. Fall means a switch in our schedules. As we return to Japan in just a few days we will be:
  4. Back to mentoring several individuals and couples in spiritual renewal.
  5. Back to writing other books. Elaine’s books are complete and translated. They need layout and covers before they are released. John’s church planting book in Japanese is at the publishers and should be ready by the November CPI Conference. John is writing another book on Japanese religious systems that we hope will be completed by this December.
  6. Elaine will be back to teaching her classes and Bible studies which took a break for the summer.
  7. John will be back to preparing for the CPI National Conference in November. We have a CPI Leadership Team planning retreat Sep 4-5. Please pray for faith, wisdom, and encouragement as we enter a very busy fall.  

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