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More Updates from May’s Japanese Grace Week

First, since last reported we are hearing second and third hand reports from others of how impactful it was for those attending. Many were confronted by God about some of their relationships and have gotten back in-tune with God and then reconciled with others. The impact is continuing. Second, the leaders got together last month and decided to go ahead and have another Grace Week Japanese in 2020! John really feels he has passed the baton to these leaders. They have plans to make it even bigger and even expand from there!


  1. Thank you for your prayers for the Japan visit by our daughter Beth and our two grandchildren, Molly and Dawson. This family visit was a long series of blessings, works of God (seeing key people, miss Tokyo crowds), great weather (in “rainy season”!), and no travel (by plane, train, express, and car) problems or glitches. Beth enjoyed being back where she grew up and really enjoyed her time. For the grandkids it was a great adventure being in Japan, traveling, visiting interesting sites (like Disneyland), and being with their grandparents in their real home and setting. Tim is thinking of coming next year to get another dose of Japan too.
  2. Elaine and John celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on June 23rd. They are both so grateful to God for his grace and gifts of love.

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