Praying in January

  1. John leaves Monday for the Global Church Planting Network – Global Summit for Church & Disciple Multiplication in Thailand. Over 200 global leaders will be gathering to consider how to complete the Great Commission by saturating nations with churches and engaging all unengaged people groups by 2025.  John will be the co-leader for the East Asia group of about 5-15 leaders. Pastor Nagai, from Vision Festa will also be attending from Japan. Pray as there are over 5 global networks gathering together for this event. John will be seeing some old partners but will meet many new people that we hope will be beneficial to God’s Kingdom.
  2. We both continue our mentoring of some leadership couples online. Pray for sensitivity.
  3. Though we are leaving and our time in Japan will change, there are several very interesting leadership developments which are occurring in online conferences. One group is considering the difficulties of outreach in Fukushima prefecture where there are not radiation hazards. Many seem discouraged and difficult to get involved in ministry.  
  4. Sermon Tour in Japan – Several of the Rengo churches have requested that we come before we relocate to the US. Pray for this touring schedule
  5. 02/02 Machida Kanai Baptist Church
  6. 02/16 Yurigaoka Baptist Church
  7. 02/23 Crossroad Church (our home church)
  8. 03/08 Uji Baptist Church, Kyoto. We both are looking forward to visiting Kyoto again and on 2/9 meeting with the Rengo Kansai pastors.
  9. Our CPI Leadership Team will have an important retreat Feb 26-27. We will finalize succession from John’s leadership and plan for the next two years. Pray that we would all sense God’s perfect will and maximize our time together.

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