Prayer & Moving March

Our States of Transition – Moving

Thank you for your prayers, interest, and encouragments as we prepare for this major transition of relocating to the US and John assuming a new position on the Converge Asia Impact Team.

GOD ANSWERED YOUR PRAYERS. Less than two weeks ago we heard that our shipment to the US must be moved up 3 weeks. We sent out a special prayer alert as we had less than 10 days to pack up everything for the shipment. Needless to say it was overwhelming and stressful. But we are so glad to tell you, after several bumps in the road, that our shipment was picked up on time last Friday and all paperwork has been completed. The next step is waiting for it to show up in Illinois sometime in mid-April.

Saying Goodbye (for a while) Elaine had some emotional goodbyes as some of her classes ended. She still has one class this month and several farewell parties. Both Elaine and John attended the JEMA annual meeting for the last time. John had a celebration with the CPI Leadership Team last week as he ended his leadership role.

Getting rid of things A local pastor’s son is getting married this month and we were glad to pass on some fine pieces. We still have a few nice items that we want to go to good homes.  

Preparing for our US Tour We only have 5 months of Home Assignment to visit our 35 partnering churches! However we have a rough plan to see them all. In “Mud season” (May) we plan to be in Colorado and Wyoming. We will then attend the Converge Reach Conference at Bethel University in Minneapolis in late June. We plan to visit churches in Ohio and Pennsylvania in September. Other churches near our home in Illinois we will visit in the summer and early November. The schedule is slowing filling up and we hope it will be all set before we leave for the States 04/09.

Looking to Our Final Schedule – Our son, Tim, is coming to help us empty the house. He is planning to arrive on March 30 and leave April 8th. We do not anticipate Japan being closed to flights but if things deteriorate maybe that will be a possibility. We leave on April 9th. We expect that we will be able to arrive in Chicago with little restrictions.


  1. Pray for the nation of Japan during this health crisis of Covid-19. In the next few weeks we will see whether or not this crisis will deepen or become resolved. Pray for churches and believers to be wise and loving during this crisis.
  2. Pray that God would indeed mobilize many to pray for movements in Japan. Pray that we would be faithful in casting vision and training practically that all disciples would reproduce, and churches multiply.
  3. Our Japan Field Council is planned for March 23-24. This will be our last one.
  4. Pray as we enter our final month of living in Japan with all the farewells, relationships, processions and feelings that we will have to process.

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