Networking & Strategizing for More Churches

John got back last night from attending the second Church Multiplication Vision Festival National Strategy meeting in Kobe, Japan. Eighteen leaders attended this year including Pastor Seima Aoyagi from our CPI Leadership team.  

We were all considering a national strategy for Japan, one that includes the vision of 50,000 churches (currently <8,000) and 2% of the population Christian (now <1%). Never in our careers has there been this faith, enthusiasm, and focus on saturating Japan with churches! This vision for church multiplication in Japan is growing and we considered the concrete realities of starting 50,000 churches. Many stories were told of evangelistic impacts, church multiplying in Japan, and preparations for the Tokyo Olympics. We considered the needs for developing leaders, prayer movements, networks for mission, and focus in many local and regional places. Continue to pray for these and other leaders that God may grow their number and accelerate church multiplication among the 2nd largest unreached people group in the world.

Japan Church Multiplication Vision Festival

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