Prayer in July


  1. Thank you for your prayers for the new home and guest house building project in Higashi Kurume. Planning and work is proceeding well. Pray for safety as the old house is torn down this month.
  2. Thanks for your prayers for our new missionary family the Rob Wrights. Their visa approvals came on time, they are at 100% support! Pray for their remaining outgoing expenses to come in and for their many preparations.
  3. John completed the first stage of his major writing project. Continue to pray for his writing on missions in Japan.


  1. On July 9th for the first time John will be meeting with the church planting project team for Japan Congress on Evangelism. Ask God for vision and unity.
  2. Continue to pray for the preparations and registration for the CPI National Conference, November 11-13.
  3. Saito and her mother Mrs. Tohama stay at our home July 9-10 for a retreat. This is the first time since Mrs. Tohama’s husbands passing.
  4. We will be on a trip to the US from 7/17 which is half work and half vacation. We will be visiting some churches, doing personal business, and spending time with our family. Ask God for effective visits to Sawyer Church 7/26 and West Hills St Louis 8/2.
  5. Ask God to raise up volunteers for the CPI National Conference Support Team. Each conference many make the biennial journey to work with the Children’s Ministry Program, work on the media team, or just do office and administration work. Already over 25 have applied and several have been accepted. Hopefully a team of 40-50 will be developed by this fall. Why don’t you pray about joining them?

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