FAQ – Natural Disasters and Japan

In Japan earthquakes and other disasters are a constant possibility (over 700 per year) and lead to much preparedness by the Japanese. For us, people from the Midwest, earthquake was a new concept when we arrived in Japan about 30 years ago. We cannot say we have gotten used to them but maybe we I have learned to live with earthquakes. Over the last several months there has been much seismic activity. We had a 6.8 and 8.5 magnitude quake and several over 5.0. The great earthquake in on March 11, 2011 was 9.0, one of the top five earthquakes ever in history. We certainly don’t know when they’re going to occur and whether we will be at home or somewhere else. When the big earthquake in 2011 hit Elaine was home and John was on the road, which caused a lot of concern for the two of us. There has also been much volcanic activity in Japan lately. One volcano on Kyushu recently erupted and Hakone Mountain, where the CPI National Conference was held many times, had some volcanic activity, raising one area to Level 3 (out of five). Even Mt. Fuji has spasmodic volcanic activity. But we are fairly out of range of any possible volcanic ash clouds.

Many of our partners, especially in North America, hear on the national news about earthquakes and volcanos in Japan, and some reports raise a bit of concern. Be assured that we are as prepared as we can be. Our cell phones warn us of any earthquake over 5.0. We have food, water and other supplies in case of an emergency. If you hear of any disaster in Japan we encourage you not to worry but to pray for us and those around us. If we have electrical power and working Internet we can get instant information to you on Facebook and our website about what is going on. We just don’t want people unfamiliar with the situation in Japan to worry needlessly. Thanks for caring for us.

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