Prayer for June

  1. Ask God to bless the relationships on John’s road trip to Colorado for the Leaders’ Summit, REACH Conference, visiting Churches and partners.
  2. PTL for the smooth first trip through Asia in over two years. The airflights actually took John around the world! We were able to navigate the Covid-19 protocols getting in and out of one country, Japan, and the US with visas and permissions. 
  3. Ask God for the Asia Impact Team to bless the new relationships we built, increase much that we learned, and fulfill many dreams we imagined. Continue to pray as our team is planning more trips into Asia.
  4. PTL for the grandkids and for the good end to the school year.
  5. John’s knee was slightly injured while in Japan. With specialist help it is healing but pray for total mobility.
  6. PTL On June 1st one key missionary leader and his family from Japan dropped by to visit at our home in Illinois. 
  7. Pray for our daughter who will finish her master’s degree by completing her final project this month.
  8. PTL In May we celebrated our son’s birthday with a special trip to Racine Wisconsin.
  9. Ask God for blessing, wisdom, and faith as the Asia Impact Team has many opportunities, an enormous job, with relatively few to do the work. We need wisdom and God’s guidance.

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