Back to Asia

After two years of waiting! Finally, John gets to head back to Asia. This month will mean John’s first trip to Asia since the beginning of the pandemic and since we relocated to Northern Illinois in April 2020.


Visas are received, flights and hotels booked, schedules checked and a bit of packing. Still much training and preaching preparations to continue. John will be gone for about three weeks. Elaine will not be on this trip but is looking forward to one this coming fall.

This is a strategic opportunity to collaborate with Asian partners who want to reach unreached people groups in their corner of Asia. We want to further the personal relationships that were initiated and sustained during the pandemic. We hope these will lead to many other fruitful connections and relationships.

John would appreciate your special prayer:

  1. For the completion of preparations and other work (like taxes, projects) before he leaves later this month.
  2. For safe travels over several weeks on the road.
  3. For wisdom and clarity regarding negotiating Covid rules in each country and for his overall health on this trip.
  4. To make strategic connections with friends and new friends for the Kingdom of God.
  5. That John would be an encouragement and have a grateful spirit appreciating and recognizing what God is doing.
  6. That John would learn much from God and the people he connects with.


After arriving in Japan in May, John will be meeting with a key Japanese leader, Pastor Yoshiya Hari, on May 9th. Then later that day he leaves for Takamatsu in Shikoku with Gary Rohrmayer president of Converge MidAmerica. This visit in Japan will be very brief and to an area John has never been before. John, Gary, and Japanese partners will be making arrangements for further work in Japan. They then return to the US later that week. Please pray for God’s wisdom, his clear guidance, and for all relationships to benefit God’s Kingdom. Pray that God would bless this adventure and develop new relationships and ministry possibilities for the future.

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