Prayer for July

  1. Praise God for the effectiveness, good travel, and no jetlag on the trip to Japan and Thailand. Ask God to empower each leader to continue progress in tasks over the coming months. And for John’s travel back to reconnect with them in October.
  2. Summer is going well with good family time, Elaine’s classes, and we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. We are enjoying our outdoor living spaces and our garden.
  3. Elaine’s summer lessons for the church adult Bible study before worship is nearly completed on the Beatitudes (Matthew 5). Thank God for all the learning.  
  4. On July 15-20 John will be participating in the 50th anniversary meetings of the Perspective on the World Christian Movement at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Other Converge workers will be going. If you know others going, please have them look John up. John, as a Perspective instructor, has been encouraged to join the Instructor Development Course during the conference. He will practice teaching a shortened lesson on church planting on Saturday the 20th.  Please Pray.
  5. As we will be visiting one of our supporting churches in Cincinnati in early August ask God to bless the relationships. On August 4th John and Elaine will be speaking at First Baptist Church Greenhills in Cincinnati Ohio. On the same road trip we are also planning to visit several ministry mentors and colleagues in Indiana and Kentucky along with Elaine’s sister.

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