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I don’t just watch movies, I study films.

Like most people I like movies. Though since I was young was always watching good old classic films. From high school I attended film festivals, took a course in film making, read movie reviews (before they were online) and films were a hobby.

Recently a friend asked me what my favorite top 3 movies were. That is too hard to say. On Facebook I have posted my favorite 15 and once you see the list you will know why it is hard to narrow to 3. 15 seems too short of a list. My list includes films from many genres and my two favorite genres. In no particular order.

  • True Grit (the original with John Wayne’s Oscar performance)
  • Citizen Kane (normally listed as the best film ever made)
  • Magnificent Seven (1960 – I heard it is being remade)
  • The Incredibles (animation)
  • Wizard of Oz (1939)
  • Casablanca (1939) Go ahead watch the colorized version.
  • The Ipcress File (cool cold war British spy flick)
  • Usual Suspects (introduces probably the baddest bad guy ever)
  • Tokyo Story (1953 Japanese film) I blogged about this at

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I really like Science Fiction films.

  • Forbidden Planet
  • Day the Earth Stood Still (original 1951)
  • Blade Runner

I have been a War film buff since I was a kid.

  • Pork Chop Hill
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • A Bridge too Far


You will notice that many of these films were made many years ago, many before I was born. Some are in black and white.

Once a leader from the US was traveling through and asked me many questions to get to know me. He asked what my favorite movies were. I gave him some from the list. His response is that maybe I should update my list. My response is I will add more recent movies when they make better movies.

People need to see some of these classics as they have shaped everything that came after. Have you seen these old classics? Maybe you should.


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