May Prayer Items


  1. God continues to bless us and others in all our mentoring relationships. Continue to pray for these leaders as they grow in their spiritual life and ministry skills. Recently many of those we mentor have commented how much it has helped their marriage.
  2. The team working on the new missionary home and guest house (Elaine, John, and Jane Fischer) is going very smoothly. Pray for continued blessing of this major building project.


  1. Pray as Elaine has a key Kansai Christian School board meeting on May 8th. Then she helps Lori Harms pack up for Home Assignment.
  2. We found some part-time and volunteer staff but ask God to continue to fill key leadership positions for the CPI Conference this November and the need for a part-time bookkeeper.
  3. Pray for smooth development of the CPI website and conference registration systems.
  4. John has been asked to participate with a Japanese team developing national church planting goals for the Japan Congress on Evangelism held next year. Pray for vision, faith, and unity for the team.
  5. Pray that the visa approval for our new missionaries the Rob Wright family will not be delayed.
  6. John will be preaching again at the Nerima Baptist church on May 31st.

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