Gospel Music in Japan

I was recently visiting a downtown Machida music school building: POP.  Outside was an inventory of what music and instruments they could teach.  As expected there was piano, guitar (all kinds), trumpet, trombone, clarinet, cello, electric bass, and drum.  Also listed was GOSPEL CHORUS.

Since the big hit and subsequent boom in Black Gospel Music after the movie Sister Act, Black Gospel music as become part of the culture.  Many churches and ministries have ministry to the community by developing gospel choruses.  See the other post http://www.gospelrest.com/japanese-drums-meet-black-gospel-music/.  Most of the people who attend are interested in the style and freedom of the music but have no idea behind the words.  This is a great opportunity to explain the truth of the good news of Jesus in the Gospel.

Japanese churches we partner with have been asking for churches to send performance and workshop training teams to Japan.  Pray that God would send these laborers into his harvest field.  If you are interested please consider coming to Japan and help gospel outreach in this area.

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