April News&Prayer Letter

April 2010

Both of us have been on a busy treadmill since we returned to Japan early last July.  So much has been accomplished and God continues to bless ministry on many fronts.

Last November we had one of most successful CPI National Conferences as we touched the younger generation, saw more indications of life transformation, and renewed ministry vision.  God blessed and we also made money in this difficult global economy.  CPI is basically self-supporting.

Last month, John returned from LA as part of special training for Japanese leaders in church renewal.  Beginning last year, the Rengo leadership has developed a five-year program to assist each of the 66 Rengo churches to become healthy and grow.

Elaine’s outreaches to women are very lively and the Bible study is always full of great questions.  Several women appear very close to believe in Christ for salvation.

Earlier this month Elaine got together with two Japanese pastor’s wives in a LeadNet group.  These women meet for encouragement and support with the pressures of ministry and family in Japan.

John started a men’s English Bible study last fall and both pre-Christians are extremely open and asking great questions.  Several months ago one asked, “How many gods are there?”  John was delighted to remind him of the creation of the world and that there is one creator God.

In December, we began a new series of outreaches to evangelize Japanese couples with a Christmas Dinner Party.  One of our partnering churches sent 5 people to be a part of this event.  We later had a Saint Valentine’s Party as well.  Of the participants, only one Japanese is a Christian.  We are planning a “make your own pizza party” next month and hope to welcome several new people to this relational evangelism event.

Just earlier this week we facilitated a CPI Leaders’ Summit on Gospel Centered Leadership.  All leaders were encouraged as they studied their hearts and how God needs to work to renew them.  CPI is planning a new church bootcamp in November.  This will be a great time to equip church planters and their coaches.

Well we keep moving forward on all fronts, thanks to you.  Thanks for your interest, prayers, and generosity toward us so we can Accelerate Spiritual Renewal & Church Planting Movements here in Japan and beyond. More updates, information, and videos are on our website www.gospelrest.com.

Partnering with You, In HIS Mission,

John and Elaine Mehn

CW (BGC) Missionaries to Japan

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