Why We Are Encouraged

  1. Three people shared stories at the JEMA meetings how Japanese who attended years ago are using our CPI training materials in their ministries.  One missionary between last November and last month has received from God a new vision for church planting and Japanese partners.  What a turn around.  CPI is playing a part in helping people on the frontlines of ministry.
  2. We had a great but short visit with Dan and Sandi Peterson, district executive minister from Converge Midatlantic.  There were many highlights including meeting with key Japanese leaders and discussing partnering in ministry.  Pray that God would guide and bless Kingdom partnerships in the future.  Thanks for coming Dan and Sandi!
  3. The Hamamatsu Megumi Church is extremely encouraged that after a wait of 5 years they will be getting a pastor beginning in April.  When John went to preach on Feb 21 they were all excited but also tired with the preparations.  The pastor arrives March 16th.  John will be participating in the March 21st service.  Now John can go on to other Sunday morning projects and churches.

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