What is God Doing?

A few weeks ago, we asked you to pray for two simultaneous online meetings. For the first time the Converge Asia Conference was held on October 12-15. Along with global workers on all Asian

fields, there were home office personnel, and John’s new Asia Impact Team members. John met many new people and developed some new friendships for partnering for Asian gospel movements in the future.  

            The Japan Church Multiplication Vision Festa 2020 was convened October 13-15. During the three days of meetings people accessed the meetings from 100 places each day and many places had several people participating so that probably the total number of attendees for the 3 days was about 400 people! Until now the most who attended a Vision Festa was about 180 people. This meeting was carried out in conjunction with Finishing the Task, Japan. Vision is growing for the 50,000 churches needed in Japan and for Japan to grow as a mission sending country.

            Consequently, pray for the Global Church Planting Network’s global leaders consultation November 17-20. This meeting with hundreds of leaders from around the world will be online. John is co-representing the East Asia region.

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