Tonight’s Earthquake

Today at 17:18, as people were heading home from work and preparing for dinner, a strong earthquake hit along the same fault that caused the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and large tsunami last 3.11.11.  This earthquake was 7.3 and prompted tsunami warnings throughout the area. It is believed that this earthquake is another of thousands of aftershocks from last year’s major earthquake.

Most of our friends headed to higher ground and were all reported safe. All our Converge Worldwide missionaries are just fine.

After 6pm a 1 meter tsunami was reported to hit Ishinomaki at 6:08 but with no reports of major injuries or damage. Fortunately also the nuclear power plants in the area especially the Fukushima #1 plant have reported no damage.

Elaine and I were planning a trip to the area on December 15-19. Continue to pray for our preparations. Please pray for the victims of last year’s disaster who were already fearful, susceptible to flashbacks, and panics.

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