South Asia Developments

As we shared before, last month a top leader from India was in the US and spent some time with AIT members John and Dr. Phu Pham in Illinois.

Change several people groups – We were hoping to discuss their missions program and talk about practical steps to achieve their dreams of fulfilling the Great Commission in their region. This top leader had estimated that their churches had sent out about 30 missionaries. We asked them to do a detailed survey of missionaries sent by each of their churches. The results blew our categories. They found over 60! missionaries sent and we are still counting. I asked the leader about his original vision to expand the number of missionaries from 30 to 100. He said now that the new vision is to send over 150! These missionaries are working in 7 regions among 4 countries and at least 10 unreached people groups. Ask God to continue to change their growing vision to send more into the harvest fields.

Change a Generation – The other plan was to visit some theological seminaries in the US where they could send their best and brightest and build an entire generation of new strong leaders for their network of churches. Wow! God seemed to orchestrate several miracles as these top-notched schools near Chicago and Minnesota were so receptive and would openly welcome their students. Please pray as the leaders in India continue to plan for that great outcome. By the way, this Indian leader loved being in my home in Pecatonica and wants to return as he loved my village and the pace of it. We would welcome him again with open arms!

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