The ministry of Japan Disaster Response is the cover article for Converge Point our church movement publication. This article highlights the work of John and Elaine Mehn (among a myriad of others). You can read the article online at A great summary of our last team ministry together was blogged at Phil Tsai’s website

We have had over 4 teams from the States from 8 churches and volunteers totaling nearly 50. Our compassionate response to the disaster has taken several thankful turns in the last several weeks. 1) We are beginning to see people return to their homes and our outreach/community events are gathering them together. 2) We have broadened our scope by also working in a community neighboring Shintate, 3) We are in an aggressive rebuilding program partnering with Samaritan’s Purse. We need many more volunteers to help complete mudouts to prepare these homes for rebuild.

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