Praying in September


Each week we see encouraging progress and we need your prayers for John’s Asia Impact Team (AIT).

PRAISE We are potentially adding some new team members this fall but we are still seeking a team leader.

PRAY for wisdom regarding a significant Indian partnership with connections in many countries and a possible connection in Practical Theological Education in a Muslim country

PRAY for the preparations for our Strategy Summit in Portland Oregon in October.

PRAISE For the AIT weekly meetings where John leads discussions on new learning about church planting movements.


PRAISE Elaine continues with her mentoring and Bible studies with Japanese and now people in the US.

PRAY for her preparations and wisdom in leading these groups.

PRAY Later this month Elaine plans to begin teaching a Japanese cooking class.


We have both been encouraged for many who have written us that they are praying for Japan, for Asia, for us, and many have asked for regular updates for their church and small groups. We love this emphasis on prayer. How can we help you pray more? 

PRAY as we consider more travel this fall to visit our partnering churches, meet with key leaders, and conduct training.

PRAISE We both are encouraged as we continue to settle into a possible home church. This church has some special activities this month to meet more people.

PRAY The Converge Mission began a cohort of about 15 who are studying the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement through the end of the year. John has been asked to join as a mentor and resource person.

PRAISE Japan CPI is not asleep but has developed again this year Grace Weekends Online in Japanese in October. John will be helping develop the mentors for this spiritual renewal intensive.

PRAY as John participates in the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX) Forum September 28-30.

PRAY for wisdom, faith, and vision as John has currently over 20 on-going mentoring, connecting, consulting, and networking projects.

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