Prayer for June


  1. Our daughter Beth and our two grandchildren will be visiting us in Japan this month. The kids have never been on an airplane or been to Japan. Pray for a wonderful family visit and sightseeing. Beth will be revisiting Japan after 10 years. Pray for new memories.
  2. John’s church planting book in Japanese will be published! The final draft was submitted to the publisher. Unfortunately it will not be ready by Vision Festa in July but it will be ready for the CPI Conference in November. Pray for wisdom about decisions and smooth production.
  3. Regretfully we got close, but Elaine’s bilingual Bible study was not ready for the participants at Grace Week. Pray that can be ready soon. Japan needs more gospel-centered materials.
  4. Continue to pray for our on-going classes, mentoring, research, study, and writing.

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