Mehns Leave Japan, on schedule

We are well and safe in Machida. But we are on schedule tomorrow to leave Tokyo for Chicago. We considered with our mission colleagues Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D but God had us continue for Plan A: leaving on our scheduled flight on April 9th. We will leave Japan about 10pm CDT on your 8th.

We thank God for his help in the steps in our relocation. The house is empty, clean, and everything got done! Bags are packed and we feel well prepared.  

If you have been following the news, they just declared an emergency in Tokyo and other cities. We do not anticipate this affecting our travel plans tomorrow. We take the Covid-19 virus threat seriously, but we are not fearful of the next steps. We are as prepared as we can be with an understanding of risks, as well as masks and alcohol wipes.

When we arrive in Chicago, even if they don’t order us or recommend us to self-isolate, we have already made plans to do so for two weeks.

So we would appreciate your prayers

1. Thank God with us that the move got done and we are in disbelief that it did. Many miracles from God.

2. Ask God that travel plans on Thursday would be smooth to and from both airports and the non-stop flight itself.

3. Intercede that God would protect us from possible risks of the virus, and we would be diligent in our hygiene and for our self-isolation for two weeks in our US home.

3. For God’s guidance as we transition into this new stage of ministry, with the added disruption of this global health crisis.

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