May Prayer Spotlight

1. Thank you for your prayers while Elaine’s niece visited us last month. It was a great time.
2. The Rengo National Evangelism Team meets on the 8th – Ask God for wisdom, strength, creativity and vision as we equip and support 9 current Rengo church plants.
3. For Spiritual Mentoring – Elaine is mentoring one woman, John with one man in Sonship, both by Skype as they live several hours from us. John and Elaine are also mentoring a young couple. Pray that God would reveal their hearts (Ps. 139: 23-24) and also help us to relearn all that we are teaching.
4. Elaine continues to partner with the Crossroad church in outreach. On May 17th there will be a card making class. Beseech God that ladies will be drawn to the Great Creator.
5. John to Budapest? John will be accompanying a National Leader from Japan to the Global Church Planting Network Global Consultation in Budapest Hungary from May 18-24. As “representatives” from Japan we will be meeting with other national leaders from East Asia namely South Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia. At this consultation, we will discuss working together to bring national initiatives for church planting throughout each county and the region. Pray as these leaders meet that they would receive God’s vision and lock arms together for the Kingdom of God through his church globally.
6. Ask God for creativity and strength as Elaine prepares for Mrs. Saito’s Charity Party on May 26th.
7. John continues to partner in developing leaders at the Nerima Church. Our next steps are a “Power Up” meeting for small group leaders on June 8 and John begins a new class on Evangelism and Missions June 29th.

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