1. This month’s John’s ministry at the Nerima Church picks up with a Small Group Power Up meeting on the 8th and the first class on Evangelism and Missions on the 29th.
2. Elaine will have another card making outreach class to be held at Crossroad on June 14th.
3. CPI will conduct another Church Planting Next Steps seminar in the Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto areas on June 11-13. Probably 40 will gather to learn together. John will be presenting several times.
4. John and Elaine Mehn celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary on the 23rd in Yokohama.
5. Thanks for praying for Elaine for the charity party last month.
6. Pray for both of us as the weather heats up that we would stay strong and deal with the heat well.
7. Thank for continual prayer for the 4 people we are spiritually mentoring right now.
8. Thank you for praying for the Rengo National Evangelism Team. We had a great meeting last month. Pray as we meet June 30th and July 1st to dream and brainstorm new goals for the Rengo’s future.
9. We are planning an outreach barbecue party with the Agape Kai and Elaine’s Bible study to celebrate US Independence Day in early July.

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