June Prayer

  1. PRAISE The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course is completed. John just turned in the final project on “the Japanese” a few days ago. John is considering next steps in mobilizing others for mission, possibly teaching, and using what he learned in Asia.
  2. PRAY After a year of virtually visiting churches in our local village of Pecatonica, we have begun personal visits looking for a new church home. Please pray for God’s wisdom as we look for a church where we can be a part of the local church family and be an encouragement.
  3. PRAISE That our grandchildren had a great year in school and are out for the summer. The grandparents also now have no summer responsibilities!
  4. PRAY John’s RJC online class on Planting and Developing Churches in Japan ends this month with a final online meeting June 14th.
  5. PRAISE John’s Outside Catalyst Cohort was great; learning, meeting others from around the world, motivated and challenged for the future.
  6. PRAY Later this month we celebrate our wedding anniversary with a out-of-town trip.
  7. PRAISE Our house remodeling work is finally all done. Now we are working on outside projects including a Japanese garden. We look forward to visits from our Japanese friends.
  8. PRAY Continue to pray that God would provide a team leader for our Converge Asia Impact Team.

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